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Somen Salad… sort of

It’s spring, and therefore, time again for salads. I once had a salad like this at a potluck– I took the recipe from Just Jenn, but I made several changes to it, some on purpose, and some because I didn’t have the right ingredients and had to substitute. I made it like a mashup between [...]

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(photo edited by Ace) I’ll bet you were wondering when there would be a post about sticky rice. Well, here it is. I had this strange craving for kimbap lately– I don’t know why. There used to be a Korean grocery store where I lived a while ago that would sell kimbap wrapped in plastic [...]

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serves ??? Another of the Empress’ perennial crowd-pleasers;  she says she got it out of “some magazine or another”, and forgets which one.  She and I have been known to go through the quantity produced by this recipe together in one sitting.  As part of a spread with other appetizers, however, it can go quite [...]

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