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Dragonia’s Macaroni & Cheese

I’ve been hearing about this recipe for years now, so it was a delight to finally get to try it from the source. It is intended to be a low carb recipe- its author maintains a low-carb regimen- but now that I’ve published it here, there is apparently some contention over whether or not that [...]

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B4 Burger

I don’t like burgers. This is one of two pronouncements about my food preferences that inevitably shock people.* When I say this, most people think I’m a freak. “How can you not like burgers?” they ask in disbelief. I’ve never been a fan of ground beef in general. I don’t like its consistency. My stomach [...]

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The Empress’ Caesar Salad

serves 6 The Empress retrieved this recipe from a restaurant in Cancun, Mexico, where it was mixed at her table without measurements, straight from bottles and jars.  She has refined it through long practice to a high art.  She claims to have traded it for others all over the world.  Do not question the veracity [...]

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