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I have such trouble with avocado affinage (is it legal to use that word in reference to a food other than cheese?  I sense Brillat-Savarin tossing in his grave) that I forget sometimes just how good guacamole can be when you use one that’s properly ripened.  The version shown in the picture above was made [...]

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Pad Thai

Sorry I haven’t put up my comfort food story yet. (Thanks to everyone who answered the poll!) I haven’t had a chance to make it, although it would’ve been perfect to have this week, which has been cold, wet and rainy. I promise I’ll post it soon. In the meantime, here’s a post I had [...]

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The Empress’ Caesar Salad

serves 6 The Empress retrieved this recipe from a restaurant in Cancun, Mexico, where it was mixed at her table without measurements, straight from bottles and jars.  She has refined it through long practice to a high art.  She claims to have traded it for others all over the world.  Do not question the veracity [...]

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