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Dragonia’s Macaroni & Cheese

I’ve been hearing about this recipe for years now, so it was a delight to finally get to try it from the source. It is intended to be a low carb recipe- its author maintains a low-carb regimen- but now that I’ve published it here, there is apparently some contention over whether or not that [...]

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Cheddar Dill Beer Bread

We had lots of bottles of beer leftover from our last get-together. Since I can’t really drink beer anymore (more on this later), I figured I’d try to cook with some of it. I’ve made beer bread in the past. I don’t recommend using a dark beer like a stout or a porter, as the [...]

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From my good friend and Japanese Iron Chef co-fan-girl Special K comes this low-work high-payoff dish.  K lives on St. Philip’s in the City of Mists now, but the blood of the Land of Pulled Pork and Boiled Peanuts runs in her veins, and periodically she starts channeling heavily accented voices.  She expresses her regret [...]

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